Use your signage for contactless audio visitor information

Work out the talking signage system now, pay later!

This summer, holiday resorts will have to make do with domestic guests, and perhaps from neighbouring countries.
So these will be mainly individual travellers.
They in particular expect a much more comprehensive guidance system and sufficient information on site.

So why not combine the existing signage system with an audio guide? Contactless, of course!

SpeechCode – the talking signage system

Every holiday resort has an orientation and guidance system, which usually consists of signs and information boards. The information contained on them is kept to a minimum due to lack of space.

With SpeechCode you can equip your existing signage with NFC Speech Tags. In one of such tags you can store up to 6 pages A4 of information.
Everything worth knowing about sights, history, hiking trails, flora, fauna, etc.
Guests read the NFC tag on the sign with the free App speechcode. No internet access is necessary!
Your information is immediately displayed on the smartphone and read out aloud at the same time.

This turns your signage into an audio guide – and it is barrier-free!
Tell facts and stories – contactless storytelling via your existing signage.

Leitsystem Signage

Simply spice up your signage: With precise information about the location, route and distance – for reading and listening on your own smartphone!



Who should do all this work?

During the Corona lockdown, almost all tourism service providers have many employees on reduced hours work. Sure, the bosses and department heads are fully occupied with crisis management. But many employees cannot work even these reduced hours. Because there is just nothing to do!

But, the head waiter from Germany likes to go hiking. The receptionist knows the destination like the back of her hand. The trainees are experts for the mountain bike tours in the area. They all could collect everything worth knowing for guests. And then assign them to the respective signs.
This can be done wonderfully outdoors or from the home office. And that doesn’t cost a cent extra!

Above all: When business starts up again, nobody usually has time to deal with such a project!

All you have to do:

You dedicate one hour of your time to discuss the rough guidelines with us.
Then name one to three members of your team, who will participate in the “Talking Signage” project. They just need to have Internet access and a reasonable affinity for mobile technologies.

We will do the rest:

We will take over the project management, train these employees in terms of content and technology with webinars and E-manuals and accompany the online creation of the text/audio files.
In doing so, we regularly coordinate with you. The created files are submitted to you for approval.
They are then ready for roll-out to use your signage system as a smart guest information medium.

Tourismus Audio Guide Leitsystem

Signage system and audio guide in one – that is a great service for your guests!

And the costs? The SpeechCode Corona Special!

It is clear that tourism companies are currently not able to make any additional expenditures, not even to make a binding commitment for later.
At the same time, a smart, informative signage system is especially important now in order to be prepared for the new demands of the guests.

With our SpeechCode Corona Special we offer you a way out of this dilemma:

Normally the annual license fee is due BEFORE the Speech Generator is activated.
Now the following applies: You only pay the license fee, when you actually implement your NFC Speech Tags. Project management, webinars and support for your employees are free of charge. We also grant a payment term of 3 months.

So you have no risk: You decide when you can accommodate the costs for your talking signage system, in summer, fall, winter or not until 2021.

The SpeechCode Corona Special includes:
  • Consulting on the choice of NFC Audio Info Points and type of content
  • Training of up to three employees
  • E-Manuals
  • Access to the Speech Generator
  • Creation of unlimited text/audio files in any number of languages
  • Support for texting and entering content into the Speech Generator
  • Ongoing submission, corrections and approval procedures
  • Transfer of the finished files to NFC Speech Tags (€ 4.00 per piece, not included in this offer!)
  • Term of payment of the annual licence fee three months after the roll-out
  • No cancellation fees if the roll-out does not take place at all

The SpeechCode Corona Special is available for booking until September 30, 2020.

Our annual license fee prices you can find here.


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