SpeechCode is an innovative text-AND-speech technology

About SpeechCode

The SpeechCode Generator software transforms any information into a data code, which holds the entire content. Once scanned with the free SpeechCode App, it presents it - without Internet access - as text and/or in audio format.

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The Speech Generator

How it works

  1. Simply type or paste your text into the online Speech Generator.
  2. Structure the text for easy navigation.
  3. Optimise the pronounciation where needed.
  4. Generate and export the code file.
  5. Embed it into your document or transfer the data on an NFC Speech Tag.


About Accessibility, Customer Focus and Digitalisation

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Corona-Stillstand Audio Guide - junges Paar auf berggipfel genießt Audio Info

Fields of Application

Information 4.0 – Text AND Speech

Packaging – Smart talking Labels for Consumer Goods

Pharmaceuticals – Accessible package inserts

Tourism – Talking signage as Audio Guide for everywhere

Security documents – Anti-counterfeiting feature

Accessibility – 2-sensory channel information for customers and citizens

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