SpeechCode – How it works


How to generate

To create a SpeechCode audio file is really easy
  1. Simply type or paste your text into the online Speech Generator
  2. Structure the text for easy navigation
  3. Optimise the pronounciation where needed
  4. Generate and export the code file
  5. Embed it into your document,  print, transfer on an NFC Speech Tag or use as Speech Link.

Watch video “How to write NFC Speech Tags”


How to print

Speech Codes can be printed with home office colur printers
  1. Make sure that all colour cartridges are full enough
  2. Code must be printed in original size
  3. Do not change size or resolution in printing software.
  4. Code size changes must be made in the generator selector box “Resolution”
  5. Print on matte, white paper


How to scan

Code data is available free of charge always and anywhere
  1. The speechcode app for iOS and Android is available in the app stores free of charge
  2. Download voice package in the language of your code
  3. Turn volume for media ON.
  4. Scan code by placing it within the green frame
  5. In case of reflexions turn off flash in app


How to use NFC

NFC is the quickest and easiest way to use SpeechCode
  1. Activate NFC on your Android phone. iPhones (7+) have NFC always activated.
  2. Start the speechcode app
  3. Press NFC button
  4. Place your smartphones NFC Reader on the NFC Speech Tag
  5. To find the position of the reader in your smartphone, slowly move it over the tag

Watch video “How to read NFC Speech Tags”


More about SpeechCode

Available languages

Available languages

SpeechCode is currently available in 56 languages to support global use. Find the list of available languages here.

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SpeechCode – References & Awards

Academically evaluated, rigorously tested, many times awarded and successfully in use:

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