Accessible Information 

Information Access 4.0 – Text AND Speech


Even in the digital age, 96 % of information is provided in written format only.

But more and more people have problems reading information, especially in small print due to:

  • Age and illness
  • Functional illiteracy and lack of language skills
  • Dyslexia or other reading difficulty
  • Cognitive disability
  • Visual impairment and blindness

Accessible information - chart

For this reason the UN DRPD (Declaration on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) demands accessibility to all information according to the two-sense principle.

How? With SpeechCode!

Cost-effective – secure – sustainable
  • The embedding of a speech code in any printed information is almost completely cost-neutral with regard to production and disposal.
  • Multi-level encryption and offline transmission make the Speech Code unchangeable and guarantee the correctness of the contained data.
Easy – convenient – reliable
  • The generation of the Info Speech Code works online by transferring your text into the Speech Generator. Read more…
  • The content is structured in the Speech Generator for later easy navigation. Hot Lines and Websites are directly accessible.
  • The Info Speech Code contains up to six pages of A4 text – approx. 30 minutes of speech output. More than 40 languages are available.
accessible information

A printed speech code provides accessible information with text AND speech!

Customer-friendly – simple – accessible
  • The free speechcode app for Android and iOS scans and stores any speech code.
  • Since the code contains all the data, it requires no internet access. This guarantees free access to information anytime and anywhere, as well as user data privacy.
  • The universal design of the speechcode app is simple and intuitive: Your information appears on the display and is read out simultaneously.
  • Individually adjustable font size, contrast and speech speed provide additional comfort.
  • Thanks to the read aloud function and the audio scan assistence, your information becomes accessible also to all those people, for whom reading is difficult or even impossible.

Our contribution

Non-profit, civil society associations and organisations can use the SpeechCode software for non-commercial purposes completely free of charge. Just contact us

More about accessible information

SpeechCode - accessible information about hotel room


SpeechCode presentation at UN ITU Accessible Europe Conference 2019


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SpeechCode – References & Awards

SpeechCode – References & Awards

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