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Our information technology SpeechCode can be used in a wide range of industries, including such sensitive areas as package inserts and ID documents, where accessibility for blind and visually impaired people is essential.

Academically evaluated

Therefore, the beta version of the app has already been tested in detail in an academic study of the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna, in cooperation with the AGES (Federal Agency for Health and Food Safety) and the BSVÖ (Blind and Visually Impaired Association Austria). Participants of the study for usability were people with and without visual impairment.

To the study

Furthermore, the app has been continuously improved in terms of user-friendliness, and included NFC functionality as early as 2015.
Currently the app version 3.5 is in progress, in which the quality of the speech output (TTS from Nuance, Vocalizer 3.5) will be significantly improved.

Rigorously tested

The following institutions confirmed the high user-friendliness and accessibility after extensive testing:

  • UN Agency ITU – International Telecommunication Union, Switzerland
    Use SpeechCode for conference agendas on their website.
  • International NFC Forum, USA
    Honored SpeechCode 2017 with the NFC Innovation Award.
  • Mobile & Wireless Forum – association of mobile device manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.
    Lists SpeechCode as “Accessible mobile app” and uses Speech Links for the GARI annual report.
  • Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Austria
  • Access Azores
  • Access Israel
  • Destinations for all
  • ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism
    Lists SpeechCode as “accessible tourist information system”.
  • Pantou – European Accessible Tourism Directory.
    Lists SpeechCode as “accessible tourist information system”.
  • G3ICT – Global Initiative for inclusive ICT, USA and Düsseldorf
    Uses SpeechCode at conferences for accessible audio agenda and directions.
  • Zero Project – Essl Foundation, Austria
    Uses SpeechCode at conferences for accessible audio agenda and directions.
SpeechCode - Zero Project Agenda

Audible conference agenda and directions for the Zero Project conference

In the portfolio of renowned companies

International companies from the packaging of medical products and production of identity documents have – after a series of tests lasting up to 12 months – included SpeechCode in their portfolio:

  • Schreiner Medipharm, Germany
    The globally active company with over 1,000 employees offers SpeechCode to its customers in the pharmaceutical industry as a smart, talking label.
  • HID Global, USA
    The company, which specializes in security solutions, employs more than 3,000 people worldwide, operating in over 100 countries. HID Global is providing SpeechCode to customers in the government, healthcare and transportation industries since 2019.

Multiple awards

SpeechCode has already received several awards as an innovative information technology:

  • Tourist Austria Werbe Grand Prix, Austria
  • e-Award, Austria
  • DBT Award, Germany
  • Phoenix-Business Award of the WKO (Austrian Chamber of Commerce), Austria
  • Born Global Champion Award of the WKO, Austria
  • Pharmapack Award, International
  • CPhI Pharma Award, International
  • NFC Forum Award, International
WKO-Award überreicht von WKO-Präsident Leitl und Bundesminister Mahrer

WKO Award presented by WKO President Leitl and Federal Minister Mahrer

Successful in use

The reasons for using SpeechCode are manifold:
For public authorities, in addition to user-friendliness, user data protection, accessibility and anti-counterfeiting are particularly important.
The unique offline functionality is especially relevant for applications in tourism, as audio guide or speaking guidance system. Because it guarantees free use, always and everywhere, completely independent of network connectivity.

Customers are for example:
  • Ministry of the Interior Malta
  • Magistrate Department 18, City of Vienna, Austria
  • Innoworx, India
  • Travel guide “Globetrotter Kids”, Austria
  • Magazine “Meine Reisewelt”, Germany
  • State Horticultural Show Landau, Germany
  • Saarbrücken, Germany
  • Montan-Historical nature trail, Hellenthal/Eifel, Germany
  • Kaunergrat Nature Park, Austria
  • Biosphere Park Nockberge, Austria
  • Peace community Erlauf, Austria
  • Resort Stettiner Haff
  • Styrian Fire Brigade Museum, Austria
  • Tower of David Museum, Israel
SpeechCode Kunde Erlauf

Culture Interpretation in public spaces: SpeechCode in Erlauf, Austria


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