Guidance systems in tourism – an untapped potential

Smart guidance systems can do more than just point the way

Due to the Corona crisis, mass tourism and long distance travel are out. Quality tourism could be the solution. So fewer guests with more added value.
It is clear that in this case the visitor experience must be spiced up. Smart guidance systems can support this.

Guidance systems are standard in tourism!

Yes, and with good reason: Because despite all the mobile possibilities, guidance systems on site are still indispensable.
Classic guidance systems have therefore been around for centuries: road signs, signposts and markings, even colour schemes for better orientation are nothing new.
They all do nothing else but point the way or mark a place. In the best case there is – as on many hiking trails – also an indication of distance or time. This is the standard, because there is simply not more space on the usual signposts.

Leitsysteme Guidance systems

Typical sign posts with very little information

Smart guidance systems can do much more

If you want to know more, you have to collect all information, maps and flyers before you start, go to the tourist information centre or online via smartphone. But what if there is no reception at all on the way? Or your own mobile tariff does not include data roaming?

Then many questions remain unanswered such as:

  • Is the route suitable for children?
  • Do you have to cross a cow pasture?
  • What are the names of the mountain peaks you see?
  • How long is the mountain hut open?
  • Is it possible to drink the water from the creek?
  • Is it permitted to swim in the mountain lake?
  • What is the story behind the little forest chapel?
    and much more.

Such information directly on the spot, i.e. also on signposts in the middle of the forest, on the mountain top or in the dunes, could improve the visitor experience considerably.

Kühe am Wegesrand guidance systems

Especially people with dogs appreciate information on cow pastures and alternative routes

Signposts as Audio Info Points

With innovative offline technologies, guidance systems can become Info Points. This has many advantages:

The signposts are already in the “right places”. And they are already regularly checked for damage.

With the information technology SpeechCode, the signposts are simply equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) tags.

These are round stickers with an NFC chip and an antenna (diameter: 3 cm).
They function completely autonomously, i.e. without power, batteries or network.
The NFC Speech Tag stores all information worth knowing (up to 6 pages A4).

Guests read the NFC Tag with the free App speechcode. No Internet access is necessary! The information is immediately displayed on the smartphone, simultaneously read aloud and saved.

That is super comfortable! Because hands and eyes remain free for sports equipment and the great view.
The transmission works always and everywhere and guaranteed without costs.

Corona-Stillstand Audio Guide - junges Paar auf berggipfel genießt Audio Info

Enjoying the view and learning the names of the mountains in sight

How nature becomes an experience

Guests who book a nature holiday also want to consciously enjoy and experience nature. This not only includes well-kept, safe paths and guidance systems for clear orientation. But also detailed and exciting information about plants, animals, mountains, history and customs of the region visited.

Storytelling creates positive feelings. The foreign becomes familiar. Appreciation increases. And hopefully also the duration of the stay!

A hike becomes something special, when you learn that exactly this path, for example, was used by smugglers centuries ago. Or which animals live in this forest. Or how hard the life of the mountain farmers was in former times.

That’s why theme trails, nature trails and adventure trails are so popular – if they offer good and entertaining information.

So why not use the guidance systems to offer such stories everywhere –  at sights, viewpoints and on hiking and cycling paths?
In this way, the good old guidance system contributes to the communication of culture and nature!

Kinder bei Schild auf Themenweg

Interactive theme trails are great – not just for kids!


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