Corona crisis – how to deal with the standstill

Think of the time after Corona!

The Corona crisis has brought about, what we considered unthinkable just a few weeks ago: Entire countries have shut down to the minimum within a very short time.

This has never happened before

Companies, trade, shops, restaurants, hotels, educational and leisure facilities had to close. Planes are grounded, borders are closed. Nobody should leave home “unnecessarily”. All travel and event activities are cancelled or prohibited. Therefore the tourism industry is at a complete standstill. But unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about it.

So at the moment, crisis management is of course the order of the day: close down operations, process cancellations, take care of state support, handle the staff situation in the best possible way, obtain legal information, negotiate with banks, etc.

Eventually the Corona crisis will be over

However, soon we will have completed this acute crisis management.
Then we must not give ourselves to a complete paralysation due to this catastrophe. Out of concern for economic survival, we hold our breath. And follow all the news about the Corona crisis in a spellbound manner. Fear causes stress and eats up sales.
Therefore, the most important strategy is to remain calm. To deal with the time after the corona crisis. To use the freed capacities of the employees sensibly.

Because the corona crisis will be over sometime!

What about the employees?

Not so long ago, tourism companies were desperately seeking staff. And often did not find enough qualified employees.
Now the same companies have to send people on reduced hours or even lay them off.
So to ensure that the team remains with the company for the time after the crisis, the management has to be active and creative.
After all, everybody needs to have the team ready, when the business starts up again.

Keep in touch!
  • Keep contact with ALL your employees.
  • Call them and ask how they are doing. Listen, provide confidence and stay calm. Help if necessary.
  • Support those, who volonteer for aid organisations or provide private assistance in any crisis management activities. Praise such actions in your internal and external communications.
  • Perhaps you would even like to start a solidarity campaign with your team, as a joint company effort.
Provide a social platform!
  • Create a closed Whats App or Facebook group for all employees.
  • Post news, encouragement, and your plans and projects for the time after the Corona crisis.
  • Everyone can post photos from the home office or from childcare.
  • That way, contact between staff members is maintained. Just like the bond with the employer. The team spirit is not lost.
Continue to lead your team!
  • Do Video-conferences with home office staff regularly.
  • Empower them with activities, that really make sense, that are otherwise always postponed due to lack of time. And that are also a bit of fun.
  • Encourage everyone to exchange ideas on how existing processes or offers could be improved.
  • Organise online trainings and webinars with your executive team.
  • Encourage staff to learn new skills or languages via online trainings.

This employee support is of course a lot of work. And requires planning and organisation! But it is worthwhile.

Corona-Krise-crisis Home Office

Remember: Not everyone has a fully equipped workplace at home!


Which activities make sense?

Especially employees from marketing, sales and reception can do a lot of things in their home office. But also kitchen and service staff can do something that will be a benefit in the future.

Building services

Revise maintenance plans and documentation; compare suppliers and prices for lamps, appliances and other technology;


Support home office staff via video/phone support; help colleagues who have little experience with IT to participate in social media activities.


Webinars by the housekeepers; revising work instructions;


Try out and document new recipes; put together a new menu and theme buffets; produce “cooking tips from the pro” as home videos and distribute them to guests via e-mail and social media;


Participation in webinars by the restaurant manager/sommelier/bar staff about your wine and cocktail offerings; creating/revision of job descriptions/work instructions;


Updating databases and website; writing social media posts for guests; revising printed material; planning marketing campaigns for domestic guests; developing and preparing new projects and services; creating and holding webinars for other team members;


Send an e-mail to all guests, who had to cancel: We miss you; We are looking forward to hopefully seeing you again soon in good health; postponed is not cancelled, here it is also beautiful in summer/autumn. Add pictures of the empty destination/hotel, the beautiful nature, etc.; contact regular guests and those with still valid bookings too; send personal messages; do online language courses and other trainings.

Corona Crisis in der Corona-Krise Webinars

E-Learning not only for kids! But also for training of your team!


Stay active despite Corona crisis!

Despite closed businesses and deserted holiday resorts, there is much that can be done:

  • Things that only cost time, not money.
  • Activities that maintain contact with staff and guests.
  • Projects that will benefit you after the Corona crisis.
  • Everything that makes you and your team look to the future. And distracts from the current catastrophic mood!

How about the development of a speaking signage system, herb garden, menu or guest newspaper?


Stay healthy, think positively and use the time wisely!


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